Welcome to Homeport Hampton Roads

The Navy has committed to improving the living quarters for its enlisted personnel as part of its overall "Quality of Life" Initiative. In order to accomplish this objective quickly and cost-effectively, two public/private venture (PPV) pilot projects are underway, in San Diego and in Hampton Roads. The goal is to provide safe, secure and well-maintained housing accommodations with a particular focus on housing sailors E-1 through E-4 with fewer than four years of service. This project involves the privatization and improvement of seven existing buildings and the construction of approximately 2400 new bed spaces in the Hampton Roads area.

The Department of the Navy is able to provide its men and women with the best housing the marketplace has to offer. Through the Navy`s "Homeport Ashore" program, the goal is to provide quarters ashore for Sailors. Through these unique initiatives and a solid partnership with the U. S. Navy, HomePort Hampton Roads (HHR) is able to provide a forward-thinking housing program for enlisted Sailors.

In order to join us, E4 and under Single Sailors without dependents need to bring the completed DD Form 1746 Housing Application, your current Orders, your most recent EOM LES, the NAVPERS 1336/3 Special Request Chit signed by your CO, as well as the Sex Offender Addendum to Miller Hall, U16 Leasing Office to be added to the PPV Waitlist.

The future of military unaccompanied housing for the U. S. Navy is now open. Be a part of it!